Taiwan Government ID Card (FRONT sample)       Taiwan Government ID Card (BACK sample)

The Taiwan Civil Government is working with the U.S. Department of State and other Executive Branch agencies to reveal the truth of Taiwan's legal status. As of the Fall of 2011, agreement had been reached to issue Taiwan Government ID cards under the administrative authority of the United States Military Government (USMG). These ID Cards are made of heavy plastic and have embedded IC chip(s) and other advanced security features. The size of each card is 87 x 55 mm, which is approx. 3.42 x 2.17 inches.

After much discussion, a total of eight legal references were selected as the "legal authority" for the issuance of these ID cards. This information is printed on the back of the cards.

In order to understand this legal formulation in more detail, the information on the following websites will certainly be of excellent reference value.

Reports, Essays, and Commentary

Montevideo Convention

Notable "Historical Events"

Laws of War

Principle of Conquest

Law(s) of Occupation

ROC Government in Exile

San Francisco Peace Treaty

One China

People of Taiwan Citizenship Rights Act

Taiwan's Status under the TRA

Taiwan's Identity Crisis and the Customary Laws of Warfare

Military Government

Civil Government after Military Government

Status Quo in the Taiwan Strait

One Taiwan

Introduction to the Ebook