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  No. 1, General Order

  2758, UN Resolution

  p. 351, FM 27-10

  13014, Executive Order

  Allegiance, Permanent

  AmCham White Paper 2009

  AmCham White Paper 2010
      Tax Issues

  ABCD Chart

  Bill of Rights in Overseas Territories

  Birkhimer excerpts

  Cairo and Potsdam Declarations

  Caucus Members, Taiwan

  Certificates of Identity

  Chinese Territory, Taiwan is not

  Civil Administration

  Civil Government after Military Government

  Competent Authority under INA

  Conquest, Principle of

  Conquest and Dominion

  Cuba & Taiwan, Comparison of

  Customary Laws of Warfare, Taiwan's Identity Crisis &

  Czyzak Memorandum

  De-List ROC Passports

  Democratic Elections

  Disposition of Formosa & the Pesc.

  Documents and Statements

  Downes v. Bidwell, Quotations from

  EBOOK Introduction

  ECCT Position Papers 2009-2011
      Tax Issues

  Executive Branch Policy Statements

  FM 27-10 The Law of Land Warfare

  Foreign Relations of the US

  Formosa Betrayed, Ch. III

  Government in Exile

  Governments, Puppet

  Handouts, Sept. 8, 2010

  History, Modern Taiwanese

  House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Letter to

  How Could This Happen?


  ID Card

  Identity Crisis & the Customary Laws of Warfare

  Independence Research

  Insular Area, U.S.

  Insular Cases, Three

  International Law Chart

  International Law Doctrines

  Invitation Card

  Iwo Jima & Taiwan

  Japanese Act of Surrender

  Japan - Taiwan Relationship

  Law Journal Excerpts

  Laws of Occupation

  Laws of War

  Legal Status Notes

  Legal Status, Delicate Question of Taiwan's

  Links, Additional

  Lin v. USA

  Lin v. USA

  Ma Ying-jeou & ECFA

  Military Conscription

  Military Government

  Military Government, End of; for Territorial Cession after War

  Military Jurisdiction

  Mission Statement

  Montevideo Convention

  Name Rectification

  National Examiner Articles

  Non-Chinese Identity, Search for

  Occupation, Laws of

  One China

  One Taiwan

  Position Papers 2009-2011

  Press Conference

  Protected Persons

  Proxy Occupation

  ROC in Exile

  ROC in Taiwan

  ROC's Legal Status, Historical Development of

  Ryukyu Island Group & Taiwan

  San Francisco Peace Treaty

  Sheng v. Rogers

  Shimonoseki, Treaty of

  Six Mistakes

  Starr Memorandum

  Status Quo in the Taiwan Strait

  Supreme Court Decisions

  Taiwan Caucus Members

  Taiwan Civil Government, Important Events Leading to Formation of

  TCG Booklet

  TCG Press Conference 2008.02.02

  Taiwan Independence Research

  Taiwan Relations Act, Status under

  Taiwan's Secret

  Tax Issues

  Territorial Cession after War and the End of Military Government

  Territorial Cessions of PR, PH, GU, CU, & TW

  Territorial Cession Provisions


  Three Dates

  Timelines: Notable "Historical Events"

  Treaties in Force

  Treaty Texts

  Undetermined Status


  War, Laws of

  What Are You Doing?

  White Paper 2009

  White Paper 2010

  Zipcodes in Taiwan

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